In the earlier days, male pre-dominated the trucking industry. However, there has come a new twist where females have ventured into trucking.

Brief History of Women in Trucking
Lillie Elizabeth Drennan is one of the pioneers to receive a driver’s license for a commercial truck. Drennan paved the way for women to follow this route.

Back in 1917, Drennan together with her husband Willard Ernest started their own trucking company, Drennan Truck Lines. To help their business thrive, Lillie started driving their truck.

In 1929, she divorced her husband and became the sole owner of their trucking company. She worked tirelessly in this male-dominated field in Dallas, and she even participated in the Roadeo obstacle course to prove her competency.

In the 2nd World War, she was praised by the army because of her efforts in women drivers’ recruitment initiatives. Besides her hearing problems, Lillie worked perfectly and inspired many people who followed her footsteps.

Lillie never had an accident, and she was awarded many safety awards for her managing and driving skills.

Current News
In the U.S., women truck drivers make about 6.2%, according to America’s Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Due to the long journey involved, many females find it hard to join this field.

Nevertheless, some extraordinary women are bold enough to join this field such as Drennan and Lanelle Devlin.
The current research shows that over the last 15 years, trucking women have increased slightly from 4.5-6.2%.

The occupation is faced with many obstacles like sleeping out due to the nature of work as well as driving for more hours that seem to be unfavorable to most women.

The Payroll of Trucking Women
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, trucking women earn $44,500 in a year. On the other hand, team drivers earn $60,000-$65,000 in a year.

This is a good start that can make anyone meet her daily needs. Most of the companies offer paid leave to their drivers that act as a motivation to many women.

Women are always paid fairly for their trucking work. The trucking license costs roughly between $2000 and $3,000. However, this amount is affordable as the returns associated with it are optimal.

In Conclusion, women like their male counterparts are competent enough in the trucking industry. Women need to believe in themselves while it comes to driving trucks as they have all that it takes to compete perfectly.

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