What benefits can a nationwide FTL service offer you? First, as an FTL transportation service provider, we are well versed in maintaining a tight time-table. We make sure that your FTL shipment reaches its destination by the proper date if not earlier. All of our shipments come a with a damage-free and a bang for your buck, cost-effective guarantee.  But, these qualities don’t set us that far apart from our competitors. What does? The answer lies with our tech-based assets.

Tech-Based Assets


We have access to a plethora of tech-based assets that maintain the highest level of transparency. From instant-quoting to various tracking services we’ve got you covered. At the pinnacle of these services stands TruckHub. TruckHub is our in-house developed transportation management system. Everyone involved in the shipment is connected on one, easy to use platform. It uses an automated system that keeps everyone involved in the shipment connected. It includes geofencing that automatically sends out notifications and more. Thanks to TruckHub we’re able to offer a previously unrealized level of service to clients using our nationwide FTL services.

For more information, follow us each week for the latest nationwide transportation news or contact FTLHub here.

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