Truckers play a big role in ensuring economies run smoothly. Sometimes it is hard for people to notice their role, yet they are responsible for transporting about 80% of everything in our homes and offices. Being a truck driver often requires a lot of effort and sacrifices that most people may not understand. Most drivers consider driving trucks as more of a lifestyle than a job.

Common Characteristics of Trucking As A Career

driver safety tipsTo better understand the world of trucking one has to take a deeper look into how drivers relate to one another, their families and employers. By understanding how truckers socialize and their experiences while on the road, an individual who is looking to invest in the industry or become a driver themselves can make an informed decision.

Here are several things to note for anyone interested in the industry:

  • Truckers have a unique culture that includes their own language (i.e. the term “bear” refers to a police officer).
  • Truck drivers rarely see their families because they spend so much time on transporting loads.
  • The job turnover rate is very high; it is estimated 8 out of 10 drivers do not last in the job for a year.
  • Drivers can have a “driving buddy” to ease the loneliness of long-haul driving and as an assistant driver.

The Lifestyle of a Truck Driver

FTL Hub Truck DriverBecause truck drivers spend days, or even months, away from home, many in the field find these conditions harsh.  On the other hand, others enjoy traveling and seeing the beauty of different parts of the country.

Depending on the delivery and pick up locations, drivers spend a lot of their time at rest stops and motels. Some prefer to sleep in their trucks to cut down on expenses. Truckers get opportunities to travel and get paid well, although it can be challenging for those with families and small children.

Truck driving is a lucrative career for those in need of reliable money, but it is not a perfect industry.  The job of driving trucks can be harmful to a driver’s health due to long working hours and bad eating habits. Despite the drawbacks, however, drivers do earn the respect of their employers for the sacrifices it takes to meet the company’s deadlines.

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